RAWBIKE. In a class of it’s own

RAWBIKE combines the flexibility of an electric bike and the power of a moped. If you choose to pedal, with electric motor assistance, the range is up to 70 kilometers. Using throttle only, the range is up to 50 kilometers. The built-in electrical motor has an effect of 750 W, some 3 times more powerful than a regular electric bike. Rawbike is limited to a top speed of 25 km/h and is not required to be equipped with a license plate, is not subject to mandatory vehicle inspections and is not subject to vehicle license duty. Also, RAWBIKE is not private imported and is approved according to EU directives and holds a CoC certificate.

Flexible payment

We offer several different payment options through Pay Pal. 

Six reasons to buy a RAWBIKE

Take it with you everywhere

RAWBIKE is foldable. This means it’s portable. It only takes a few seconds to fold it together.

Take it with you everywhere

The wide tires are not only stylish but very practical. They provide a great comfort and stability all year around.

Powered up

Cycle it like a bike or let the electric motor assist you. If you just want to cruise, let the electric motor do the job. Rawbikes gives you 50k miles on a single charge and if you assist it i gives you 20k extra.

Planet friendly

You can drive RAWBIKE a whole year with less CO2 impact than a smaller family car of the latest model causes in a day. If that isn’t smart, what is?

Get fit

Studies show that you get a longer life if you do low-intensity exercise, 2-3 hours  week.

Cheap do ride

1kWh costs 1sek tax included. The effect of the charger is 110W. One charge use 0,55 kWh wich means 11 öre per swedish mile.

Want to take RAWBIKE home?

If you have spotted this beautiful swede on your vacation or a business trip and want one back home. Please send us an email. We ship almost everywhere.