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A 1000 RAWBIKE’s sold in Sweden
A legal and type approved s-pedelc

RAWBIKE. In a class of it’s own

We at RAWBIKE have chosen to combine the elasticity of the e-bike with the strength of the moped. An electric moped from us takes you about five swedish miles only on electric power and if you choose to help out you get almost two miles more as a reward. The motors that achieve this are at 500- and 750, which means that they give you at least twice as much power compared to a classic electric bike. RAWBIKE has a maximum speed of 25 km / h. RAWBIKE is no private import. This means that it is type-approved according to EU directives and has CoC certificate to be registered as a moped class 2 throughout the EU.

Flexible payment

We offer several different payment options through Klarna. 


Six reasons to buy a RAWBIKE

Take it with you everywhere

RAWBIKE is foldable. This means it’s portable. It only takes a few seconds to fold it together.

Type approved

RAWBIKE comes with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This makes it type approved as an electrical moped in the European Union.

Powered up

Cycle it like a bike or let the electric motor assist you. If you just want to cruise, let the electric motor do the job. Rawbikes gives you 30 miles on a single charge and if you assist it i gives you 12 miles extra.

Planet friendly

You can drive RAWBIKE a whole year with less CO2 impact than a smaller family car of the latest model causes in a day. If that isn’t smart, what is?

Get fit

Studies show that you get a longer life if you do low-intensity exercise, 2-3 hours  week.

Cheap to ride

1kWh costs about 10 cents. The effect of the charger is 110W. One charge use 0,55 kWh wich means about 10 cents per swedish mile.

What to choose?

Want to order a RAWBIKE?

If you have questions regarding our bikes or any other matter, please send us an e-mail or contact us on Facebook. If you need help with your RAWBIKE, please you this page instead.